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Sept. 4 2021 - Site Creations And Current Situations

A joyous day as SweeNet is created. A light shining from betwixt the dark. I have created this site to noodle about without fear of being too public, or participating in conventional social media too openly.
A dinky website like this glorious SweeNet seems as though it could provide a happy middle ground, though as is likely apparent it will require some more work under the hood than a more intuitive yet more generic Wordpress. Thus is the cost of full creative control. I swell with the thought of possessing such power as the maipulation of my own Style Sheet.

I am currently attempting to destroy a Gnosy Gnat that has entered my room.
Today I have consumed two cups of coffee, a bagel, and some leftover Jambalaya.
Recently posted the Toy Story 2 Reanimated scene I made, feel like I am tiring of these projects but I will likely do more, just have to find more interesting approaches than I've used thusfar.
Working on a poster and sticker for a friend. Thusfar it has involved examing the designs of PBR cans, which are pretty good tbh. I feel kind of bad about trying to alter it to avoid copyright.

Been reading Philip K Dick books recently. Had read Scanner Darkly sometime early this year, I believe shortly after I finished Illiminatus, which spurred the interest in more paranoid scifi literature. Scanner may still be my favorite thusfar, I think about the bicycle scene often.
This summer I read Lies Inc., formerly known as The Unteleported Man which I was not very into, primarily on account of a rough 100 pages in the midst that were inserted years after the original novella and boy do they feel like it. Don't regret reading it, some interesting ideas are present in both the original and added material, just never quite becomes cohesive understandably.
After that, I read Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said which was intriguing. Dick's books have an odd disdain/disinterest in the plot that stood out to me here, in the way it handwaves the plot conclusion but spends a lot of effort ruminating on the conclusion of the ideas of the book. Many good moments. The idea that people have tried to adapt it into a film is odd, but I can see how like many of the adaptations it would prioritize the plot and come out tidied if less harshly emotional. That's by no means a bad thing, adaptations of his work are some of my favorite films.
Next Clans of the Alphane Moon, a real goofy one that I burned through rapidly. A kicker, and perhaps one I'd like to see adapted more than Flow My Tears. I think the humor helps balance out Dick's moroseness sometimes, which can feel a bit overbearing especially here with out hyper-depressed hero. Still, a great read.
I have just finished Ubik which I grabbed based on a recommendation from an annoying dweeb on youtube. I thought it was good, but the weirdness felt somewhat tame in comparison to others.